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Sell Your Life Insurance

Get Your Cash In Days, Instead of Months!

In life, time is one of our most precious assets and we understand at the Life Settlement Marketplace that sooner is better than later. Although the industry average for paying cash for life insurance policies are usually in months rather than weeks, we help you access cash for your policy in days, which is unparalleled in the industry.

Although, there are many factors that determine the value of your life settlement, we expedite the process to get you the cash you need in days. Some of them include:

  • Medical History of the insured
  • Life expectancy
  • Face amount of policy
  • Loans on policy
  • Cost of insurance

How does the life settlement process work?

  • At the Life Settlement Marketplace you can submit an application with all the additional forms.
  • Medical records, life expectancy studies and policy information are obtained by the life insurance life settlement company.
  • Life Settlement Marketplace markets to all applicable providers and funding sources to obtain the best offer the market will allow.
  • If an offer presented to the policy seller is accepted, an offer letter, disclosures and closing contracts are presented to the policy seller.
  • Once all documentation and requirements are completed in their entirety, funds are escrowed and change forms are submitted to the carrier for you to sell your life insurance.
  • Once changes are recorded and confirmed the funds are released to the seller in days.
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