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About Us

Welcome to the Life Settlement Marketplace, where we help educate consumers on Life Insurance, Life Settlements, Viatical Settlements and Reverse Mortgages.  We offer the resources to help you and your family make an educated informed decision on many financial services that impact your family now and in the future. We understand that many family’s often have a need for cash quickly to help cover life’s expenses such as long term care, paying for prescriptions, medical challenges and everyday life expenses.  Most life insurance policy holders risk a total loss from a lapse insurance policy, but we can offer resources to prevent the life insurance policy from lapsing. Unfortunately, most consumers aren’t aware of the many options available. If you own a life insurance policy or other financial instruments, we offer resources that can help show you how to sell your life insurance for cash in days, instead of weeks or months.  We also offer resources to show you how to get cash from the equity in your home without ever making a mortgage payment. To find out more information, contact us directly at the Life Settlement Marketplace at 1-888-669-0002.